Creating custom portraits that look amazing on your walls!

Wild Design Photography is a dynamic portrait studio located in Richmond Virginia. Photographer and artist Deanna Seymour is passionate about capturing authentic portraits of the people you love most. She's also passionate about them living on your walls, even if she has to hang them herself. 

Deanna has a natural ability for making kids feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens by asking questions, listening intently, and embracing the true nature of their personalities.

This intimate connection results in images that are bursting with emotion and honesty as well as stories that are endearing, authentic, and often surprising.

Wild Design Photography brings the process full circle using snapshots of your home interior, and designs works of art that proudly showcase your family's portraits for you to enjoy every day. 

Deanna truly believes in the power of photography and storytelling to encourage young minds to love themselves, just the way they are in the moment.